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Windows Upgrade Failure

“Finally decided to accept my free upgrade from Windows 8.1 to 10. During the upgrade the light in my desk lamp blew, tripping the circuit breaker taking the computer power out. The computer would not reboot properly and continue the upgrade. Thanks for recovery my fails, which I thought were lost.”

Tony Ward, Banbury

A 2TB HGST hard disk drive arrived at our Oxford laboratory from Banbury. The hard disk drive was examined by our hardware engineers revealing there to be no apparently problems. Our hard data recovery specialists secured a sector-by-sector image of the drive, during which no unreadable bad sectors were encountered.

An examination of the secured drive image revealed that the drive contained two NTFS volumes, a small recovery partition and the other almost 2TB in size containing the operating system. A detailed analysis of the partition containing the operating revealed that when the power had failed, the boot sector had been corrupted, which meant the file system could not be mounted.

Our data recovery specialists were able to overcome the problem with the boot sector, which allowed them to complete the full analysis of the file system. The file system containing the operating system and program files contained 1.3TB of recoverable files, also comprising a lot of user files, such as photos, music files, video, office documents and other assorted data.

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