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Server Data Recovery

Company Servers storing business critical data and using complex NAS, SAN RAID systems may employ backup procedures to maintain operations. But when a company server is down some data is always lost. This is live data that has not been backed up. What do you do?

Whether your company uses a mail server, application server or a simple file server, most will use a configuration of RAID (random array of inexpensive disks) for faster performance and data reliability. When your RAID server fails and sometimes more than one disk in the disk array can be lost, then access to your data will be impossible. Attempts to recover a RAID server must be done only by server recovery professionals otherwise the loss of data can be devastating as we have seen in the past.

DiskEng data recovery in oxford have a team of server data recovery specialists that have years of knowledge and understanding of NAS RAID systems, RAID configurations, RAID stripe analysis, RAID XOR analysis and can recover your data. Whether you are using a RAID0 RAID5 RAID10 or even RAID50 array, Our data recovery specialists aided with our in house developed powerful RAID recovery software tools can recover the data even when other data recovery companies could not.

Server Recovery Specialists

Its years of experience and understanding of exactly what data and the way data is stored on different file systems whether its an NTFS file system, XFS file system or MAC file system, that allows our server data recovery specialists to analyse your server data and recover it successfully. Through years of research and development our powerful RAID server recovery tools allows us to recover more data and much faster than other data recovery companies. Trust only the professionals at DiskEng to recover your data, here are just some of the recent server failure we have recovered data from;

  • Server disk failure
  • Server initialised
  • RAID0 data recovery
  • RAID5 data recovery
  • Server array rebuilt
  • Server volume offline
  • RAID array recovery

Server Data Recovery Help

Server recovery requires specialists to recover the data successfully, your IT support staff may only know DIY solutions, why risk losing your data, when we can recover the data in full, send us your server hard disks to our data recovery facilities in oxford or call us today on 01865 469 468 for immediate response, or fill in our online server data recovery quote form for a free quotation.

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