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Seagate Maintenance Issue

“My PC refused to boot up, locking which starting Windows. After my local computer shop looked at the drive, they referred me to DiskEng. Many thanks for recovering all my documents and photos from the failed disk.”

KM Allen, Home User, Oxford

A 1TB Seagate hard disk drive arrived at our laboratory in Oxford from with the city. An examination of the drive by our hardware data recovery specialists found that that it would power down and go offline each time a read error was encountered. The problem is caused by a fault present in the maintenance area of the hard disk drive, indicating to the firmware that a serious failure has occurred. This results in the disk drive powering down and going offline.

By overcoming the maintenance issue, our data recovery engineers were able to take a sector-by-sector image copy of the hard disk drive. During the imaging process approximately 500 unreadable bad sectors were encountered.

A detailed examination of the disk image by our data recovery specialists located a single 1TB NTFS volume on the disk drive. This NTFS volume contained approximately 490GB of data including the operating system, program files, documents and photos. A low level analysis of the files found that the unreadable bad sectors had only affected some of the operating system files, leaving all the user files intact. 

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