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Seagate Expansion USB Drive Seizure

“Unplugged the wrong USB cable while watching a movie stored on my external drive. When I plugged the drive back in it made a strange buzzing noise and would not appear on my laptop. DiskEng were recommended to me and did great job of recovering all the files intact. Many thanks for the excellent service and hard work.”

Barry Nunn, Bicester

A 1TB Seagate Expansion hard disk enclosure arrived at our laboratory in Oxford from Bicester. Contained in the USB enclosure was a 1TB Samsung hard disk drive (ST1000LM024/HNM101MBB) which was examined by our data recovery hardware specialists revealing that the drive had seized up due to it being removed while in operation. This has resulted in the read/write heads contacting the surface of the platters, but our hardware engineers were able to overcome the problem allowing them to secure a sector-by-sector image copy of the drive to our server. During the imaging process no unreadable bad sectors were encountered.

The secured image of the drive was inspected of by our data recovery specialists who found that it contained a single 1TB NTFS data volume containing approximately 760GB of files, mostly consisting of video and music files and photos. Although the drive had suffered the failure while in operation, there was no indication of any damage having been suffered to any of the files.

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