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Reformatted External Drive

“Extremely thankful to you guys for getting my files back. Stupid mistake to reformat the wrong drive, especially as it contained data I wanted to copy to the new drive my friend gave me.”

William Duckworth, Oxford

A 2TB Western Digital external My Book USB drive arrived from the city at our laboratory facitlies in Oxford. The drive was examined by our hardware data recovery specialists to ensure it was fully operational. A sector-by-sector image of the drive was then secured to our servers. No unreadable bad sectors were encountered during the imaging process.

The secured image was analysed by our data recovery specialists revealing it to contain a single 2TB NTFS volume containing no data files, increasing the chances of a successful recovery. A further detailed analysis revealed the drive revealed the previous data appeared to be intact, confirmed by the unformat process, which located the previous file system metadata entries. Approximately 1.5TB of files were located, consisting mainly of music files, digital photos, videos, mailbox backups and office documents, all of which appeared to be intact.

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