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Laptop Data Recovery

Laptop computers are fast becoming suitable replacements to personal desktop computers. Although very reliable and preferable, laptop hard drives can still fail in the same way. Often because laptops are moved around, without care and attention.

Sudden knocks and movements when the hard drive is either reading data or writing data can cause laptop data corruption and data loss and eventually lead to critical hard disk failure. Over the years we have completed laptop data recovery from thousands of personal and business laptops that have suffered both hardware and software damage. Data loss from corrupt operating systems and hard drive failures from damaged electronics, read write head fault and platter disk crash are most common.

Data is always recovered, whether your laptop drive is not booting, making clicking noises, or no noise at all, DiskEng data recovery specialists in oxford can diagnose the problem with your laptop hard drive, repair and replace any failed hard disk components and successfully recover your data, even when local computer shops and IT support cannot recover the data and have given up !.

Laptop Data Recovery Service

Laptop data recovery must be carried out by data recovery professional otherwise you will risk losing your data permanently, we have seen this many times in the past 15 years. We have recovered data from a wide variety of natural and accidental disasters. Here are some of the most recent cases;

  • Laptop disk formatted
  • Operating system re-installed
  • Laptop accidentally dropped
  • Wrong power supply used
  • Laptop blue screen of death
  • Laptop corrupt data recovery
  • Laptop disk clicking
  • Data files deleted recovery
  • Mains electrical power surge
  • Laptop contaminated by fluid
  • and many others…

Laptop Data Recovery Help

If your laptop fails and your laptop data is critical to you or your business, then without powering the laptop contact us first on 01865 469468 or complete our online laptop data recovery quote form.

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