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Customer Reviews

  • Damaged Windows System October 9, 2015

    “My computer crashed and would not successfully reboot. Huge thanks for returning my data and keeping me reassured during a stressful time.”

    Luke Mansell, Banbury Read more

  • Overheated PC Hard Disk September 10, 2015

    “When my PC kept crashing and sometimes failing to boot I contacted the shop. They checking the computer they referred me to DiskEng who did a great job returning my documents and photos.”

    Jeremy Callow, Oxford Read more

  • Apple Mac Computer Recovery August 19, 2015

    “Very impressed with the excellent service. Thought I’d lost my thesis and a lot of other data, saving me a lot of retyping and extra work.”

    Anthony Dalziel, Research Student, Oxford Read more

  • Computer Malware Damage July 16, 2015

    “Following an attempt to clean my computer after a malware attack it would not boot. Many thanks to DiskEng for returning my documents, photos and video files.”

    Terry Masterson, Bicester Read more

  • Seagate Maintenance Issue June 23, 2015

    “My PC refused to boot up, locking which starting Windows. After my local computer shop looked at the drive, they referred me to DiskEng. Many thanks for recovering all my documents and photos from the failed disk.”

    KM Allen, Home User, Oxford Read more

  • USB Stick Data Recovery June 5, 2015

    “My USB stick fell out of my pocket when leaving a job, which I then crushed under my car tire. Thankfully this was seen, and the bits picked up. Awesome job by DiskEng! Glad to have gotten all my data back.”

    Paulo Santoza, Camileri Photographic Studio, Abingdon Read more

  • Dropped Mac Laptop April 28, 2015

    “Dropped my laptop after which it made strange noises and wouldn’t boot. Thanks for getting all my important photos and documents back to me.”

    Theresa Turner, Nursery Owner, Thame Oxfordshire Read more

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