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Customer Reviews

  • Seagate 3TB GoFlex Failure June 10, 2016

    “I write travel reviews and been storing my travel photos, video logs and assorted documents to my Seagate GoFlex external drive for the last three years. While I have some of them elsewhere, I thought I’d lost a lot of irreplaceable memories when it failed appear on my computer. Seagate suggested their software which saw the drive but couldn’t recover anything. Many thanks to DiskEng for recovering my files. I’ve learned a hard lesson from this incident.”

    Bryan Caldercott, Oxford Read more

  • Windows Upgrade Failure May 23, 2016

    “Finally decided to accept my free upgrade from Windows 8.1 to 10. During the upgrade the light in my desk lamp blew, tripping the circuit breaker taking the computer power out. The computer would not reboot properly and continue the upgrade. Thanks for recovery my fails, which I thought were lost.”

    Tony Ward, Banbury Read more

  • Seagate Expansion USB Drive Seizure April 25, 2016

    “Unplugged the wrong USB cable while watching a movie stored on my external drive. When I plugged the drive back in it made a strange buzzing noise and would not appear on my laptop. DiskEng were recommended to me and did great job of recovering all the files intact. Many thanks for the excellent service and hard work.”

    Barry Nunn, Bicester Read more

  • Smashed USB Thumb Drive December 17, 2015

    “Arrived at the office to find the remains of a USB thumb drive hanging from the front of the computer. It appears to have been malicious, as most of the files had been deleted from the computer. Many thanks for all the hard work in recovering the files stored on the thumb drive.”

    T Fairclough, Headington Read more

  • Deleted External Disk December 1, 2015

    “When I reinitialised the wrong external disk, I thought I’d lost everything. Many thanks for the all the advice and returning my data.”

    Terry Wilde, Chipping Norton Read more

  • Overheating Laptop Recovery November 13, 2015

    “The fan in my laptop started making odd noises which I realise now I shouldn’t have ignored. One morning it failed to come out of hibernation and once I managed to make it reboot it failed to find the operating system. A big thank you to DiskEng who returned some very important documents I need for my studies.”

    Jeremy Fairclough, student, Oxford Read more

  • Unreadable Partition Table October 28, 2015

    “My computer appeared to lock when booting, sitting for ages before giving the message ‘Operating System Not Found’. Thanks for the advice and excellent service returning my files, which a friend told me were lost forever.”

    Terry Duffield, Wantage Read more

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