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Deleted External Disk

“When I reinitialised the wrong external disk, I thought I’d lost everything. Many thanks for the all the advice and returning my data.”

Terry Wilde, Chipping Norton

A Samsung external hard disk enclosure arrived from Chipping Norton at our laboratory in Oxford. An examination revealed that the enclosure contained a 2TB Samsung hard disk drive, which appeared to be suffering no physical problems. Our hardware data recovery specialists secured a sector-by-sector image of the hard disk drive encountering no unreadable bad sectors during the process.

An examination of the secured drive image revealed that the partition table had been cleared, which happened when the drive was reinitialised. A detailed examination of the image revealed a single 2TB NTFS data volume which had not been damaged when the partition table was deleted. The volume was found to contain approximately 900GB of assorted files, including a variety of office documents, music files, videos and photos.

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