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“Very impressed with the excellent service. Thought I’d lost my thesis and a lot of other data, saving me a lot of retyping and extra work.”

Anthony Dalziel, Research Student, Oxford

We received a 2TB hard disk drive from Oxford at our laboratory from an Apple Mac which would not reboot. An examination by our hardware engineers revealed no signs indicative of damage. During the imaging process however, a large number of unreadable bad sectors were encountered, which were mostly clustered in the early part of the drive.

Hard disk drive platters will over time slowly start to accumulate bad sectors, which are mapped out automatically by the drive using spare sectors allocated at the factory. This list will eventually however be exhausted, at which point the bad sectors will be returned to the operating system. Once this occurs the level of bad sectors can increase dramatically.

An examination of the secured image by our data recovery specialists revealed that the majority of the bad sectors were affecting the Catalog and Extent files within the single HFS Plus volume contained on the drive. By scanning for lost files, our engineers found approximately 950GB of recoverable data, including documents, data files, images and video files.

An additional 120GB of files were expected to be found, which we could not access due to the damaged Catalog and Extent files. Our data recovery specialists ran a raw trawl process on the space unused by the recoverable files. This process found an additional 80GB of file data, many of which were intact, including some very important documents not recovered with the other data.

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