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USB Stick Data Recovery

“My USB stick fell out of my pocket when leaving a job, which I then crushed under my car tire. Thankfully this was seen, and the bits picked up. Awesome job by DiskEng! Glad to have gotten all my data back.”

Paulo Santoza, Camileri Photographic Studio, Abingdon

A 32GB USB stick pen drive arrived at our Oxford office from Abingdon, which had been crushed, breaking the outer casing and cracking the connector.

Our hardware engineers examined the USB stick drive, and repaired the connector. The device was however still not functioning correctly. Further detailed examination of the circuit board by our hardware specialist revealed that the clock counter chip had been damaged when the USB pen drive had been crushed. Following the repair, our hardware engineers were able to secure an image copy of the raw data from the USB stick drive.

The data could have been accessed directly without repairing the clock counter chip, but the process requires a set of complex procedures to produce the same image copy. It is therefore easier and more efficient to undertake a repair of the damaged component.

An examination of the image by our data recovery specialist found a FAT32 volume containing approximately 17GB of photos and video files. All data was found to be intact and return to the client.

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