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Unreadable Partition Table

“My computer appeared to lock when booting, sitting for ages before giving the message ‘Operating System Not Found’. Thanks for the advice and excellent service returning my files, which a friend told me were lost forever.”

Terry Duffield, Wantage

A 1TB Seagate hard disk drive arrived Wantage at our laboratory facilities in Oxford. An examination by our hardware specialists found the drive to be in operational condition. Our engineers were able to secure a sector-by-sector copy of the hard drive with just a single unreadable bad sector encountered during the process.

The image copy of the drive was examined by our data recovery specialists revealing that sector zero which contains the master boot record on the drive was the unreadable bad sector. The master boot record is extremely important as it contains the partition table information and bootstrap code for starting the operating system. A detailed analysis revealed two NTFS partitions of 200GB and 800GB in size.

The 200GB partition contained 140GB of files comprised mainly of Windows operating system files and program files, with some user data including desktop files. The 800GB partition contained 580GB of user data, such as office documents, photos and music files.

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