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Overheating Laptop Recovery

“The fan in my laptop started making odd noises which I realise now I shouldn’t have ignored. One morning it failed to come out of hibernation and once I managed to make it reboot it failed to find the operating system. A big thank you to DiskEng who returned some very important documents I need for my studies.”

Jeremy Fairclough, student, Oxford

We received a laptop from Oxford, at our laboratory in Oxford, containing a 1TB Toshiba laptop hard disk drive. Our hard data recovery engineers examined the drive which revealed that a failure of the drive controller board had occurred, causing damage to some of the microcontroller chips. This was almost certainly caused by the hard disk drive running at a high temperature for long periods of time.

Our hardware data recovery specialists were able to overcome the problem with the hard disk controller board, enabling them to secure a sector by sector image of the drive. During the imaging process a few unreadable bad sectors were encountered, a very common occurrence with drives which have been running at a high temperature.

When our data recovery specialists examined the image secured from the laptop hard disk drive, they found a single 1TB NTFS data volume, containing approximately 650GB of files. Despite the presence of some damage to the file system which was caused by the unreadable bad sectors encountered during the imaging process, it was confined to files within the Windows and Program Files directories. All required documents and data files were recovered intact, which were returned to the client on a new USB external hard drive.

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