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Overheated PC Hard Disk

“When my PC kept crashing and sometimes failing to boot I contacted the shop. They checking the computer they referred me to DiskEng who did a great job returning my documents and photos.”

Jeremy Callow, Oxford

A PC containing a 2TB Western Digital hard disk drive arrived at our laboratory in Oxford. An examination of the hard drive revealed damage to the controller board specifically the firmware chip due to overheating. Our hardware engineers were able to overcome this damage in order to get the drive working and secure a sector-by-sector image copy of the hard disk, encountering approximately 200 unreadable bad sectors.

Our data recovery specialists analysed the secured image of the drive revealing a single NTFS data volume of 2TB in size containing approximately 1TB of assorted data files, including the required documents and photos, along with operating system and program files. Fortunately the unreadable bad sectors did not affect any of the important documents or photos.

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