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Media Data Recovery

Recovering data from old backup tapes or CD, DVD, floppy disk, JAZ disks, ZIP disks, flash memory cards, USB hard drives and flash drives is achieved using our in house software recovery tools. Whether its deleted holiday pictures or company archive data files, formatted external hard drive or physical damage to your USB device, we have recovered data from thousands of portable storage devices.

There are a wide range of storage media formats available today, Whilst most of these work reliably, user errors and accidental physical damage still accounts for the majority of data recovered from these devices. Supporting the ever increasing formats in use today allows our data recovery specialists to provide a complete media data recovery and media data conversion service in Oxford.

Media Recovery Service

Software or hardware we can recover your data. We can directly access memory devices, damaged or corrupt file systems to recover your data. Why rely on DIY software and local computer shops that may only use internet solutions and cause further data loss.

Trust only the professionals at DiskEng data recovery Oxford to recover your data. After recovering data from thousands of digital devices, we know we can recover your data securely and safely.

  • USB disk data recovery
  • CD DVD MO disc recovery
  • Memory card recovery
  • Floppy disk recovery
  • Jaz disk recovery
  • Zip disk recovery
  • Tape data recovery
  • LTO tape recovery
  • DLT tape recovery
  • DAT tape data recovery
  • External drive recovery
  • Deleted file recovery
  • Overwritten file recovery

Media Data Recovery Help

Deleted or lost files, call us on 01865 469 468 or fill in the online data recovery quote form for a free quotation for data recovery.

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