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Customer Reviews

  • RAID Array Failure December 2, 2016

    “Our RAID array was allowed to run in degraded mode without any attempt to fix the problem until it failed. Many thanks for recovering our data, following a disaster, which threatened to put us out of business.”

    Mike Dalziel, Company Confidential, Brackley Read more

  • Desktop Hard Disk Failure October 7, 2016

    “Thanks for recovering my failures. I was shocked when my PC failed to find my hard disk and wouldn’t boot. I didn’t know that hard disks could fail.”

    S Hussein, Oxford Read more

  • Damaged MacBook Pro September 9, 2016

    “My Macbook slipped from my hands after picking it up and landed on the table and immediately died. When I try to boot it strange noises come from it. Thanks for returning my photos and documents.”

    Richard Caldicott, Didcot Oxfordshire Read more

  • Failing External Maxtor Drive August 22, 2016

    “Been looking at replacing my now aging Maxtor backup drive, only for it fail. Extremely grateful for the work in returning my files.”

    Neil Lassiter, Wantage Read more

  • Reformatted External Drive August 4, 2016

    “Extremely thankful to you guys for getting my files back. Stupid mistake to reformat the wrong drive, especially as it contained data I wanted to copy to the new drive my friend gave me.”

    William Duckworth, Oxford Read more

  • Disk Controller Failure July 19, 2016

    “Very thankful to get my files back after the hard disk was not recognised. Checked the cables and rebooted several times, but no luck, so contacted DiskEng. Thoroughly recommended.”

    Jeremy Duckworth, Kidlington Read more

  • External Drive Repartitioned June 29, 2016

    “Not sure what happened, but the data on one of our external drives vanished. Somebody suggested attaching it directly to one of our computers, but this didn’t help. Many thanks to DiskEng for recovering most of our data.”

    M Ellison, company withheld, Didcot Read more

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