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Disk Controller Failure

“Very thankful to get my files back after the hard disk was not recognised. Checked the cables and rebooted several times, but no luck, so contacted DiskEng. Thoroughly recommended.”

Jeremy Duckworth, Kidlington

A 2TB Seagate hard disk drive arrived from Kidlington at our office in Oxford. When our data recovery hardware specialists examined the drive they found that the firmware chip had failed, leading to the drive not being recognised by the BIOS.

Our data recovery specialists were able to overcome the problem using a donor controller board. This allowed them to secure a sector-by-sector image of the drive, encountering approximately two dozen unreadable bad sectors during the process.

An examination of the secured image revealed a single NTFS partition. An analysis of the file system revealed approximately 320GB of data comprising the operating system, program files, music, videos, photos and assorted office documents. A scanned revealed that the unreadable bad sectors were affecting several system and program files, The files were extracted and written to an external USB drive upon which they were returned to the customer.

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