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Desktop Hard Disk Failure

“Thanks for recovering my failures. I was shocked when my PC failed to find my hard disk and wouldn’t boot. I didn’t know that hard disks could fail.”

S Hussein, Oxford

We received a 3TB Seagate hard disk drive from Oxford at our data recovery laboratory in the Oxford Science Park. Our hardware data recovery specialists examined the drive revealing a failure of the read/write heads. The failure, caused the disk not to startup correctly, causing it not to be found by the computer BIOS. The likely cause of the read/write head failure is due to the drive operating for extended periods of time at high temperatures close to our even outside the recommended range.

Our hardware data recovery engineers were able to overcome the problem using donor parts. This allowed then to secure a sector-by-sector image of the drive to our secure severs. Approximately a thousand unreadable bad sectors were encountered during the imaging process, mainly clustered in a one area of the platters.

Our software data recovery specialists examined the image of the drive revealing it to contain a small NTFS recovery partition and another NTFS volume just under 3TB in size. The large volume was analysed revealing it to contain approximately 355GB of files which comprised the operating system and program files as well as, music files, videos, digital photos, mailbox archives and a large number of office documents. Our data recovery specialists scanned the recovered data which revealed the unreadable bad sectors had mainly affected operating system and program files, although about ten music files and one office spreadsheet files were found to have been damaged. The data was extracted and written to a brand new external USB hard disk drive before returning the files to the customer.

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