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Damaged MacBook Pro

“My Macbook slipped from my hands after picking it up and landed on the table and immediately died. When I try to boot it strange noises come from it. Thanks for returning my photos and documents.”

Richard Caldicott, Didcot Oxfordshire

A MacBook Pro arrived from Didcot, at our laboratory in Oxford, contained a 750GB Western Digital laptop hard disk drive. The examination of the drive by our hardware data recovery specialists revealed a failure of the drive spindle motor had occurred due to the MacBook being dropped. It was also found that the read/write heads had also suffered damage at the same time.

Using donor parts, our hardware data recovery engineers were able to rebuild the drive, overcoming the problems caused by the impact. A sector by sector image of the drive was secured by our data recovery specialists. During the imaging process about 30 unreadable bad sectors were encountered, a common issue following an impact event.

Our data recovery specialists examined the secured drive image revealing it to contain a single HFS Plus data volume, which contained approximately 380GB of files. Despite some damage having occurred to the file system as a result of the bad sectors encountered during the imaging process, the only damaged files were all operating system files. The recovered data consisted of the operating system and application files, as well as a large number of documents and photos which were returned to the client on a new USB hard disk drive.

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