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Computer Repair Considerations

When you suffer a computer failure, one of the first thoughts that may enter your mind is sending it to a computer repair company. This may, depending upon the failure, risk causing a serious loss of data if the company is only concerned with getting it back into a working condition. This will sometimes involve reinstalling the operating system, and overwriting any data which was stored on the drive.

It is important that if you do send your computer for repair, that the company understands how important any data you have stored is, so that if required, the hard disk drive can be sent for data recovery.

Always Seek Expert Advice

In the event of a failure, the advice you receive at this point is critical to determining whether your data can be recovered. Many computer repair companies will not take the integrity of your data into consideration, which could result in the loss of data. Ensure that if your hard disk drive contains important files, that the computer repair company not only understands this, but also have a data recovery policy in place.

If the repair company have a partnership with a data recovery company, this should be some reassurance. At DiskEng however, we would always recommend sending your hard disk drive for data recovery, as this gives the best possible chance of a successfully recovering your data files. A data recovery company will always follow procedures which reduce the risk of causing additional damage, giving the highest probability of a successful outcome.

Importance of Expert Data Recovery

Although computer repair may work in a number of instances, data recovery is often required. Even though many computer repair companies understand the importance of data recovery, they will in many cases use third party software, and also work directly on the hard disk drive.

A good repair company will know when a repair is beyond their abilities, and refer your hard disk drive to a data recovery company, such as DiskEng. Many computer repair companies are part of an affiliation partnership, which should give added confidence that they will not take any undue risks with your data.

Your Data is Extremely Important

When a computer failure happens, it is important not to panic, as that is when poor decisions are made, which in the worst cases can lead to a total loss of data. You need to remain calm and make rational decisions that will not risk your data. It is easy to think that you can save money by attempting a do-it-yourself approach or have a friend try data recovery, but this is a risk that may cost you your data.

At DiskEng we always recommend powering your computer system down, and sending the hard disk drive for data recovery. This ensures the best possibility of recovering your files, while taking the smallest risk. For companies this may be the most important decision they make regarding their long term future, as data loss may risk business continuity.

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